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Meet the outstanding industry professionals behind EFD Spain
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Meet the outstanding industry professionals behind EFD Spain

Meet the outstanding industry professionals behind EFD Spain

EFD Spain will be run by a team of professionals with proven track records in the film sector, working under the direct presidency of Georgina Terán, multinational CEO, and the leadership of Michelle Terán, head of the firm’s International Strategy committee.

For the grand-opening in Spain, EFD (which employs over 500 people, distributed amongst their other locations) has entrusted strategic leadership positions to professionals with extensive experience in the audiovisual space. These leaders aren’t just seasoned professionals: their careers speak to a deep commitment to the development of the Spanish film industry and its position on the international stage.

Roberto Sacristán. With more than 25 years leading teams in companies that provide services to film, TV, and advertising agencies — most recently as general management of Aluzine Rentals — Roberto is the VP of Technology at EFD and will be in charge of the development and supervision of the rental departments. Sacristán will combine this responsibility with the presidency of ALIA, the Spanish Association of Technical and Service Companies that he founded with the top Spanish Audiovisual companies.

Deme Naranjo. Deme joins EFD as the VP Commercial Director, boasting a decade of experience as an Agent and Talent Manager and more than 13 years background as a production manager. With extensive international experience and an impressive sales pedigree, Naranjo is a consummate professional in the audiovisual sector.

Rita Noriega. Rita is an experienced Director of Photography in Films, Series, Advertising, and Documentaries. In her career, she’s been responsible for acclaimed films like ‘La Ermita’, ‘Pig’, and ‘The Fourth Passenger’, among others. She will manage the Training area of EFD Spain, overseeing one of the primary development objectives for the industry that EFD wants to focus on.

Sergio Zúñiga. Sergio joins EFD Spain as Marketing and Image Director for all territories. He has more than twenty years of experience in different areas such as Post-Production, Filmmaking, Filmmaking Direction, Content Promotion and Brand Creation. Linked to Grupo Secuoya for fifteen years, his most recent role was Project Manager for Orange Spain, focusing on television and communication services.

Rafael Chorro. Rafael has spent more than thirty years holding different positions of responsibility and management in companies such as Videoreport and Mediapro, along with other relevant firms in the audiovisual sector. As Technical Director, he will lead the design and implementation of technological strategies in each technical area.

Juan Carlos Sández Martínez. Juan Carlos is a renowned camera technician with an acclaimed 30+ year career working behind the lens in the international film and advertising industry. He will be responsible for EFD Spain’s Technical Direction, utilizing his expertise to help the technical department shine.

Pedro Arrabal. Pedro has been working in the industry for over twenty five years, most of which linked to Video Cine Import, where he’s worn many hats and has been responsible for various important technical functions. He joins EFD Spain as Technical Director of Lighting.