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Georgina Terán joins EMA IMPACT SUMMIT panel
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Georgina Terán joins EMA IMPACT SUMMIT panel

Georgina Terán joins EMA IMPACT SUMMIT panel

Our CEO, Georgina Terán, joins the “Making an Impact, Below the Line” panel at the EMA Impact Summit in Los Angeles. This annual summit brings together entertainment executives, business leaders, actors, artists, activists, scientists, and educators to advocate for environmental sustainability.

Terán’s presentation focused on a case study from her company, which she has been guiding with sustainability values for 25 years. At EFD, we view sustainability in the industry as an advanced and appropriate measure. The constantly evolving industry has made substantial progress over the last five years, with platforms playing a significant role in facilitating the sustainable route. In Spain, platforms require various international certifications for local original productions, and the ICAA, responsible for granting local production subsidies, mandates sustainability criteria for project eligibility. This has transformed production methods, incorporating sustainability from the development phase.

At Amazon, collaborating with their physical production team is key to achieving sustainable production. At EFD, we are establishing an internal department dedicated to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), providing comprehensive sustainability training, learning opportunities, and mentorship programs to empower our staff to actively contribute to environmental initiatives. In HR, we work diligently to cultivate a diverse and inclusive environment through targeted recruitment efforts and support programs that emphasize our sustainability values and employee development.

Gender gap reduction and work-life balance in the audiovisual sector are techniques that can aid sustainable production. In partnership with schools, we are developing a cross-regional education program to enhance technical training and empower the local audiovisual industry. The way clients, financiers, and governments dictate production methods shapes production practices. When complying with PEACH and measuring carbon footprints, producers require a consultancy to analyze the project, design a sustainability plan, and appoint an eco-manager and eco-PA.