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EFD SPAIN: Protective member of the AEC
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EFD SPAIN: Protective member of the AEC

EFD SPAIN: Protective member of the AEC

Since arriving in Spain, EFD has been clear about its intention to bolster Spain’s role as a burgeoning leader in audiovisual production by attracting foreign investment and improving the competitiveness of the sector.

One of the company’s main goals when deciding to establish itself in Europe was to work on reinforcing the strength of Spain’s audiovisual production capabilities, along with contributing to the sector’s internationalization and working to increase the local attractiveness of Spain as a destination of foreign investments. For EFD, achieving these objectives involves integrating into Spanish structures and institutions, becoming an indispensable partner and an essential actor in the development of the national industry. Therefore, the fact that EFD Spain has become a protective member of the AEC — the Spanish Association of Directors of Photographty — was one of the first stops the company had on it’s roadmap.

The Spanish Association of Directors of Photography is an organization focused on promoting the craft of cinematography throughout the world. Since its establishment in 1993, the association represents professionals who have taken the art of cinematography to the next level, with more than 150 members in different categories. In addition, the AEC actively collaborates with educational institutions, festivals, manufacturers and distributors, working diligently to create synergies between different sectors of the film industry.

Every year, the AEC celebrates the technical and artistic advances and achievements of the industry at the MicroSalón, the largest film event in Spain and one of the leading film events in Europe. With both entities similiarly aligned in their respective goals and values, it’s no surprise to hear EFD and AEC have developed an alliance.